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Taekwondo offers the perfect combination of fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and self-defence. It's also really fun and a great confidence booster.


Taekwondo4Women is a club allowing like-minded women to train alongside each other; a friendly, non-judgemental and relaxed environment where students feel comfortable learning a new sport.

What's different about this class?

These classes are aimed at women. No matter what your age, fitness level or ability, you will be able to participate as I adapt all exercises to suit the individual. 

Having had my own injuries and post-pregnancy issues, I draw a lot from Pilates with its low-impact exercises to strengthen and stretch the core, leg and arm muscles, and combine this with martial arts techniques to get you kicking and punching and having fun.

The story behind Taekwondo4Women

I stopped martial arts when I fell pregnant with my first child and ended up having a break of 4 years as the next baby came along - suddenly I couldn’t find the time, let alone the energy, to exercise.

As the kids got a little older and I clawed back some ‘me’ time, I decided to return to taekwondo in an effort to reclaim some fitness and continue what I loved doing. But I hadn’t reckoned on the changes in my body after two large babies and struggled with many of the exercises.

My pelvic floor muscles couldn’t handle anything high impact, and exercises such as sit-ups and the plank were now causing my abdominal muscles more damage than good (it turned out I had diastasis recti due to pregnancy).

It made me wonder if there were other women in my position, who wanted to continue with exercise or learn a kick-ass martial art after having children - but needed more body-specific exercises. It also got me thinking about other barriers to martial arts, such as how it can be seen as aggressive, male-dominated and perhaps not very 'feminine'. It inspired me to start Taekwondo4Women, with the aim of encouraging more women to try the sport.


After many months of physio and Pilates I can now say my core muscles are mostly recovered but I have had to learn patience! I now use this experience to structure lessons and provide exercises better suited to women of all ages and abilities. Why not come along to one of our friendly classes and see for yourself?